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When quality and schedule are critical, Andersen Interior Contracting excels at getting the job done. Our team is the best in the business at completing complex projects in record time while adhering to the highest standards of quality. Our unique approach to project management is designed to maximize flexibility and responsiveness, ensuring that customer needs are met even under the most demanding schedule requirements. Our customers regularly give us their most difficult projects in recognition of our effectiveness.


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Hanging walls has been our bread and butter since the first day of our first job. We field test our speed every day from straight runs to columns and soffit work. Our quality of work starts with our material suppliers and we pride ourselves on self-performing every angle, cut-out, butt joint and finish work on every wall of every job beautifully with consistency, attention to detail and always looking for the fastest, safest and most efficient means of doing what we do best.



Look up! When it comes to drywall or ceiling suspension system installation, we do it more and we do it better. From standard Tegular tiles, to hospital Clean Room to metal or fiberglass panels, Andersen Interior Contracting has the experience to not only perform the work on your next commercial ceiling but to provide concrete solutions with regards to sound reduction, soundproofing, safety and comfort while adding a touch of style.


Snap the line, set the track, fire the pins and hang the studs! Our team of framers and layout specialists utilize cutting edge technology while incorporating time tested methods of light gauge track and stud fastening. We excel in this area by our ability to adjust to changing jobsite conditions on the fly. We frame over and around architectural challenges as needed and we frame under and through some of the most complex circumstances in our field every day.



Do you ever lose sleep over rough openings, closer reinforcements or undercuts? Neither do we and that’s due in large part to our well experienced staff of Estimators, Project Managers and Foremen who approach the subtle yet critical details of doors & frames like they’ve been doing it for over 30 years. From the basic hollow metal, to fire-rated, to the most intricate aspects of any closers and hardware specifications, AIC has every door, frame and opening covered.


Throughout our warm weather markets, exterior finish and stucco work is always a welcomed part of our scope. From scratch coat to finish and with emphasis on wrapping, moisture barriers and curing, our expertise doesn’t end with just interior systems.


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Andersen Interior Contracting is a proud member of AWCI (Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry), DISCA (Drywall and Interior Systems Contractors Association of NJ), WC&C (Association of Wall Ceiling and Carpentry Industries), FWCCA (Florida Wall and Ceiling Contractors Association), GCBX (Gulf Coast Builders Xchange), and NJSA (New Jersey Subcontractors Association).

Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry
Drywall and Interior Systems Contractors Association of NJ
Association of Wall Ceiling and Carpentry Industries
Florida Wall and Ceiling Contractors Association
Gulf Coast Builders Xchange
New Jersey Subcontractors Association