The Andersen Way

Our Philosophy

Our Story

How We Got Here

It all started in Dan Andersen's basement in 1974. After gaining experience working as an Estimator and Project Manager in NYC and NJ, Dan decided to go into business for himself and founded The Andersen Corporation. He managed that company through a phenomenal growth phase, gaining the respect of an entire industry before selling it in 1986 and starting Andersen Interior Contracting, a company that by design has a narrower focus. After the original company closed in 1988, Dan was able to bring over the best of his former staff to his new venture, and then in 1989 he started Corporate Woodworking as a separate company with a focus on high-end architectural woodworking.

These two entities comprising The Andersen Companies represent the culmination of everything Dan Andersen has learned in his four decades of experience in the commercial construction industry. His personal way of doing business is what we model our entire organization after: The Andersen Way.







Dan Andersen's approach to customer service has always been about figuring out what his customers need and then doing his best to meet those needs. This naturally pushes us to develop relationships with customers as we try to better understand how to help them. Our goal is to become a trusted partner for each of our customers.


Positive relationships with customers are only possible if we deal honestly with them. Integrity has been a cornerstone of our business since the beginning, and our reputation in the industry for dealing honestly and fairly with everyone is our most valuable asset.


In order to meet customer needs it has been critical for us to build an organization that is nimble and flexible so that we can quickly adjust to changing conditions with minimal impact on schedules.


Part of building a flexible organization involves relying on teams instead of hierarchies. We empower our staff with the authority they need to get the job done, and we all work together to see better results.


Budget and schedule are both high priorities for our customers, so we need to work in the most efficient way possible. Speed is one of our primary goals, and the productivity of our team is second to none.